Help us create a name for our evolving organisation

The Transforming Care Together initiative (partnership working between Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust) is intended to bring the three trusts together into a single, integrated organisation.

Consequently we will need a new name for that organisation.

The new name should reflect the full breadth of activity that we will be delivering – both in terms of our wide range of services (across many aspects of physical and mental health) and the geographical area we cover.

In addition to the areas covered by our existing names (Birmingham, Black Country, Dudley and Walsall), we also already operate across the whole of the West Midlands with some of our services delivered regionally (eg Birmingham Dental Hospital, West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre, Child Health Information Service). In addition we also deliver some individual services in other areas, such as school nursing in Staffordshire and Sandwell and community dental in Dudley and Sandwell.

We’d like your suggestions on what the name should be.

Once we have your ideas, we’ll put forward a shortlist for comment from our stakeholders – including patients and service users, staff and partner organisations.

Before you start thinking of names, please take the time to consider what we do and also some of the guidelines we have to follow on creating an NHS organisation name:

  1. Range of services
  1. NHS naming guidelines:
  • we have to conform with the following requirements:

Under NHS guidelines the name has to include:

  • a geographical reference (eg names of cities/towns, descriptions of a region or area, buildings or landmarks, ancient names, points of the compass and suchlike)
  • the form of organisation (ie NHS Foundation Trust)

Another component is optional, namely:

  • a descriptor of services delivered (eg community, mental health, specialist, etc.)

So, a little like a mathematical equation, our name will take this overall form:

Geographical reference (+ possible descriptor of activity) + NHS Foundation Trust

Please send your ideas to before 5.00pm on 9 June 2017.

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