Updated TCT documents available

We have listened to your feedback about the documents we are producing to share information about Transforming Care Together (TCT).

Many of you said that you would like a brief overview leaflet that helps get across the key points about our partnership so we have created the Transforming Care Together at a glance leaflet (two page overview).

You also said that you have some questions, mostly about ‘what this means for me?’ so we have developed Transforming Care Together key questions (one page) which we will add to as we receive (and answer) more of your questions. If you have a question you can get in touch with us here.

Some of you want a little more detail (but not too much!) so we have created the Transforming Care Together summary leaflet (for all) which we think gives you an easy to read overview of our plans.

Some people want a bit more detail about the TCT Full Business Case and the TCT summary Full Business Case (FBC) document contains this. It looks very much like the summary leaflet but has a little more information (just another three pages).

We hope you will find these documents useful. We are always keen to improve what we do so please get in touch and let us know if you have any feedback or would like more information.

2 thoughts on “Updated TCT documents available

  1. Thank you Katie
    This is really informative. Jean Dipple (HCA Staff Governor) and I will be presenting a mini up-date tomorrow at a HCA Forum so this information has come a the right time!

    Kind regards


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