Mental health service users and carers: can you help us?

If you have experience of mental health issues or caring for someone with mental health issues we would like to talk to you about how we can develop a set of shared ‘commitments’ between service users and staff, and to get ideas about how our mental health services should be named.

What are we doing and what will I need to do?

We will be arranging informal and friendly group chats. We want to have a chat with you over a cup of tea (or coffee), learn from your experience and ask your advice. You don’t need any special knowledge to join in, and you can talk as little or as much as you feel comfortable doing. We will keep the groups small in size because we think that is the best way to have a conversation.

Where will they be?

We hope to arrange four group chats, one in each of the areas where we currently deliver services: Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton (although we may start with one or two first). We wanted to do this so people living in that area could join in without having to travel too far. They are likely to be held at one of our hospital or clinic sites (Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust / Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust).

When will they be?

We are planning the first group chat in February although some may take place over the coming months.

Why are we doing this?

When we held our last mental health engagement event in November 2017 – attended by staff, service users, carers, healthcare professionals and members of the public –  people said that, while we do many things very well, we could do some things better than we are.

From this feedback our mental health working group are putting together a list of areas that we can work on and two we want to discuss with you now are:

  • How we can develop a set of ‘commitments’ between service users, carers and staff
  • How we can improve how our mental health service are named

We think that you will be able to help us with this!

Who will be at the group chats?

The groups will be organised by members of our two trusts (BCP and DWMH) and you will be chatting with other mental health service users and carers. Following these chats, the feedback you share with us may be shared with our colleagues and in our communications, but we will not idenfity any participants without asking for your express permission.

I want to be involved, how can I?

Contact us via the contact page or by emailing

I may want to be involved, but I’m unsure, what do I do?

Contact us for a chat and we can give you more information. If you call or message 07469 872190 we will phone you back. Or use the contact form to share your contact details.

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